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Families Are Our Focus

Whether you're dealing with divorce or a change to decision-making, parenting time or support, we're here to help.  When domestic violence, substance abuse or behavioral health issues complicate matters, you need an understanding, experienced lawyer by your side. 


Every family is different.  We offer straightforward, practical advice and individualized service to suit your family's unique needs.     ​​ 

What Actual Clients are Saying About Our Firm...

"Kristen DeWitt-Lopez did a phenomenal job representing me in my family court case.  She was so on point that the judge on my case even mentioned how impeccable Kristen's paperwork was and complimented her on the research she presented in my case.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing legal representation." 

-A, Family Law Client


"The absolute best attorney. Took my extremely difficult case and handled everything with respect and professionalism. She never backed down from any challenge and got me the best outcome that could have been expected with my out of the ordinary case. Highly recommended." 

-J, Family Law Client

"Choosing a good family lawyer is the difference between being able to be with my children or not. I was lucky enough to find what I feel is the best family lawyer in Arizona. Kristen truly cares about what is right and wrong and proves that in her work. I am also very pleased with the fact that she does a lot of her own work and doesn't rely on a paralegal, so she's always up to date on the proceedings. She is just a very genuine person that happens to be great with her job as well.. To all father's or mothers going through what I've been through Kristen is hands down the best at what she does."

-P, Family Law Client


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  • Divorce

  • Separation

  • Consent Decrees & Binding  Rule 69 Agreements 

  • Defaults

  • Legal Decision Making (Custody)

  • Parenting Time (Visitation)

  • Graduated Parenting Plans

  • Supervised Visitation

  • Relocation

  • Division of Marital Property, Assets and Debts

  • Spousal Maintenance

  • Child Support

  • Establishment

  • Modification

  • Enforcement & Contempt

  • Parental Rights

  • Grandparent's Rights

  • Adoption

  • Protective Orders

  • Special Needs Children

  • Guardianship

  • Conservatorship

  • Substance Abuse

  • Mental Health




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