We are Proud Members of Local First!

We are Neighbors.

DeWitt-Lopez Law was founded with family and community in mind and we are dedicated to supporting our neighbors.  We are pleased to offer a variety of legal services custom-fit for YOU.  We welcome the opportunity to help you with your personal and business needs.  Please check our Practice Areas page for more details.  We look forward to getting to know you! 

We are Community.

Being a member of Local First Arizona means more to us than just running a business here in Arizona...it means supporting our community.  We use local vendors to provide us with the goods and services we need to represent YOU. 

Independents Week Special.

You won't see our ads on the side of a bus anytime soon.  We don't advertise on television, the back of the phone book or in mass mailers.  Instead, we rely on client referrals and organizations like Local First Arizona to spread the word about our firm.  In doing so, we are able to save money on advertising and we pass that savings on to you, providing you with the highest quality legal services at an affordable rate. 

In support of Local First Arizona and Independents Week, DeWitt-Lopez Law is pleased to offer 20% off all legal services from July 1-July 8, 2012.  This offer includes legal fees accrued during July 1-July 8, 2012 as well as all advanced fees paid between July 1-July 8, 2012.  Call us at 602.263.3900 to learn more. 

*Offer does not include costs assessed by third parties.