Free Consultations

You won't see our ads on the side of a bus anytime soon.  We don't advertise on television, the back of the phone book or in mass mailers.  Instead, we rely on client referrals, social networking & organizations like Local First Arizona to spread the word about our firm.  In doing so, we save money on advertising and we pass that savings on to you, providing you with the highest quality legal services at an affordable rate. 
We offer FREE fifteen minute consultations every Wednesday from 9-12.  Space is limited so please call to reserve your appointment time.  Consultations consist of an in-person meeting with attorney Kristen DeWitt-Lopez at our our Camelback Office, located at 2375 East Camelback, Suite 600, Phoenix, Arizona 85016.  Consultations are confidential and will allow you to meet Kristen and discuss your case in a comfortable, friendly environment.  Kristen will gather the information needed to advise you regarding your case options. 
If you would like legal assistance beyond the free fifteen minute consultation, we offer full representation at affordable rates.  For those with limited resources, we offer payment plans.  We also offer flat fee services, pay as you go services, limited scope representation and legal coaching. 
Call us at 602.263.3900 to learn more. 


​Some restrictions apply, see below:


Conflict Check: A conflict check must be conducted before we can discuss your case with you.  You will be asked to provide the names of all persons involved in your case or problem, so that we can check for a possible conflict of interest, such as prior representation of one of those persons in the same or a related matter.


Representation Agreement: If you decide that you would like to hire DeWitt-Lopez Law, P.C. and Kristen DeWitt-Lopez, and the firm agrees to represent you, then you and your attorney will sign a written Representation Agreement. We take on new clients and matters only by written Representation Agreement, signed by both you and your attorney, setting forth the terms and scope of the representation.  If a Representation Agreement has not yet been signed by both you and your attorney, then this firm does not represent you.


Free consultation does not include parking validation.